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If one thing rings true, I always have a book to read. Most of the time, it’s right before bed to unwind for the day. It’s definitely a tactile euphoria for me and where I absorb most of my inspiration—whether its design, creative, or motivation.

Here are some books that are on my nightstand this month. I’ve included links to purchase them in case you feel like getting your hands on them, which, of course, I recommend!

The Business of Creativity: How to Build the Right Team for Success

Keith Granet

Covering all aspects of running a creative business, this book touches on the different roles an individual must understand in order to build the right team for their business.

Granet explains why finances matter, how to negotiate and communicate value, how to market your business successfully, hiring for your team, picking clientele, and how to grow.

This book is a must have if you’re wanting to learn more about what it takes to run a creative business.

How to Do Great Work Without Being an A*shole

Paul Woods

A satirical read to say the least but full of information on how to approach your work, your business culture, clients, etc. This is easily and quickly becoming one of my favorites!

Woods discusses that “being nice is good business” and how egomaniacs are catastrophic to the work culture. No one likes to work for an a*shole, and Woods covers how to approach situations in a healthy, progressive way. 

This book makes for a very entertaining read and speaks the truth about some of the stigmas the creative industry has and ways to not fall victim. A must have on your shelf!

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