Why You Need a Design Agency

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The first “design agency” was started in 1903, however, if you think about it, “branding” can be dated back all the way to the hieroglyphic era. The first “ad agency” was started in 1786 when William Taylor opened his office in London.1

So why is it, that with all the longevity, training, and experience of the ad/design industry,  companies are still questioning whether or not they “need” a design agency?

I always find it easiest to explain by using examples from everyday life. So, let’s think of it in a few different ways:

If you have a cavity and need to get it filled, where do you go to get it fixed?

You call your dentist. Why? Because they have years and years of experience, training, and knowledge. Sure, you could probably go on Amazon and order some dentistry tools on Black Friday, but my guess is, you may not trust yourself to take a drill to your own teeth.

If you’re being sued by an individual or business, what kind of company would you seek out for assistance?

You call a lawyer because of their knowledge of the law and their ability to reason and argue. Their experience is what you pay for and you know you didn’t attend law school (unless you’re a lawyer).

If you need help with car repairs, where would you take your car? 

A mechanic. I don’t know about you, but I can’t even fix the kitchen sink if it breaks. If you’re like me, you don’t want to put your life in your own hands by fixing your car yourself. 

The point that I’m trying to make is that we, as consumers, know that there are certain professionals we can call on when we need a certain type of experience, skillset, or knowledge that we ourselves don’t possess.

I hate to burst your bubble, but design is no different.

If a company is in need of product packaging, logo, branding, websites, or even a business card, a design agency is who they should think to call first, just like a dentist, just like a lawyer, just like a car mechanic. 

Designers are trained in multiple disciplines and have gone through years and years of training to become experts in their field. They have studied, trained, and practiced (just like any other profession) to see layout, color combinations, hierarchy, composition, balance, and overall aesthetic, among other visual components. These components are paramount in how consumers view (and react to) your brand.

If you’re a business owner, or even work for a company, here are a few reasons why you need a design agency:

  1. Because you have your own job to do.
    If you own your own business (or work as a salaried/hourly employee), then you already have job duties and responsibilities to do. And, my guess is that your full-time job is keeping you pretty busy these days. Unless you were hired to be a graphic designer, your job description likely didn’t say “also must be a graphic/web designer”.
  2. Because first impressions count.
    Think about the last “new” product you were inspired to purchase. If you saw it on shelf, or saw it being advertised, there had to be something about the product that made you pony up the dough. Was it the packaging? Was it the jingle of the TV ad? Was it the sustainability of the product? No matter what it was, the first impression you received of that product allowed you to become a consumer in an instant. Now, think about what that company had to do in order to make that happen. Odds are, they had a team of people specialized in marketing and design, studying trends and understanding the purchasing decisions of people like you in order to advertise to you specifically. If you think of the world of packaging, first impressions are everything. Now, let’s think of the opposite for just a second. Try to remember a product you saw where the first impression wasn’t great. You could make up your mind pretty quickly to not purchase, huh? The last thing you want when it comes to your product or service.
  3. Because designers understand consistency.
    The biggest battle brands have today is being consistent for their consumers. Consistency is the key to building trust and confidence in your brand amongst your audience. If you don’t have consistency and are sending varying visual messages all over the place, your consumers become confused and don’t understand the brand message you’re trying to send as a company.
  4. Because you’ll get some time back.
    As I mentioned before, I’m guessing your job keeps you busy as is. If you’re saving your lunch hour to fit in some Canva social media post design, then we may need to reevaluate what you’re eating for lunch. A design agency has the tools and the ability to create custom designs apart from the templates every company could be using on a platform like Canva. Can you imagine if you had more time to do the things you should be doing – such as bringing in revenue, meeting with potential clients, assisting your team, etc.?
  5. Because they have new and refreshing ideas for your brand, product, or service.
    Think about how much time you spend thinking about and working on company initiatives. Do things start to seem stale after a while? Designers can bring innovative, new ideas to the table that could help jumpstart a stagnant brand or rejuvenate your marketing tactics. They can provide a fresh new look on packaging or provide insight on how to appeal to a new demographic. Not only are designers able to create something beautiful, but they’re trained to think like marketers. Two for the price of one? Yes, please!

Here are a few examples of how Mc + Mc has helped brands rejuvenate their appeal:

Utilizing and trusting a design agency with your brand is one of the smartest moves you can make in business. They can help set you apart in a sea of “all the same” and can help you market to your consumers in a meaningful, genuine way that you (and they) may never have been able to visualize. 

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