Applying a new coat on a Ohio-based nail salon.

How Mc+Mc gave a retro vibe to a new-age salon in Independence, OH.

Design Challenge

Buff, Polish + Pour is a boutique salon based in Independence, Ohio owned and operated by Morgan Lucas. Morgan’s vision was to create a non-traditional salon that pairs top-notch nail care with the social aspect of an exclusive cocktail bar. She had always been inspired by the design aesthetic when socialite women would frequent salons to gossip and catch up. It was important to Morgan that her new branding paid homage to that time.


Mc+Mc explored different retro styles and presented multiple options for consideration. The concept that was chosen intertwined flat graphics and a halftone imagery effect. The final color palette skewed toward the 60’s and was applied to the interior of the space as well as various merchandise, print items and signage.