Where design meets dessert. 

How McGrath and McKenna helped an events business become an online-store and an internet sensation.

Design Challenge

Art of Sucre came to McGrath + McKenna with a vision to transform her cart service/event business model into a consumer packaged goods brand to sell direct to consumers through an online retail store. Not only was an e-commerce website needed, but Art of Sucre also need packaging for their unique cotton candy flavors as well as her unique Sucre Shimmer glitter bombs. Mc+Mc also would need to consider how these products would be shipped and stored in consumer households.


Mc+Mc provided multiple options for full brand looks, considering both the bulk cotton candy items as well as the Sucre Shimmer glitter bombs. Ultimately, Art of Sucre chose to invest in flexible pouches that helped preserve the freshness of the cotton candy during shipping. The chosen design has personality and spunk with custom illustrations of each cotton candy character and a window to view the cotton candy utilizing each character’s unique shape of hairstyle. The overall design is modern and chic, with a nod to European pâtisseries.


Art of Sucre launched their online store in March 2021 with seven unique flavors of cotton candy and a variety of Sucre Shimmer glitter bombs—totaling close to 1,500 units. Additionally, there were 1,123 store sessions, 619 total orders for a 53% conversion rate. Since then, Art of Sucre has expanded their business to include more products, as well as expanded into wholesale and custom orders. Some recent partnerships include: Kate Spade, Little Words Project, American Girl, and Spade & Sparrow.