A crafty design for a craft cocktail mix.

How McGrath + McKenna transformed a unique product through packaging design.

Design Challenge

Lush Wine Mix is a line of organic cocktail mixes based out of Crested Butte, CO. They pride themselves on the best all-natural and organic ingredients, unique flavors, and multi-functional uses. Lush’s request was to revamp the entire package from structure to look and feel. They also wanted to elevate the look while communicating the product’s multiple usages.


McGrath + McKenna’s approach gave Lush a higher-end feel that stands out on the shelf of wineries, boutiques, and breweries, as well as providing an impactful design that shows well in an online retail setting. Utilizing a paper tube, McGrath + McKenna differentiated the flavors through color and pattern. The logo was also given a higher end look through typography and the brand iconography captures the versatility of the product with a clearly told story.


Since the launch of the new packaging, Lush Wine Mix has seen a huge increase in sales and expanded their product line. They have been picked up by large retailers such as Amazon, The Paper Store, Uncommon Goods, Faire, as well as various wineries.