Dieline Awards 2019: Recap

Owner/Creative Director
Jackie offers over 15 years experience developing creative solutions for a broad variety of brands and consumer packaged goods. She loves the challenge that comes with designing creative concepts while balancing the needs of the client with what will speak to the consumer.

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Prior to the deep dive I took into the world of designing for the financial industry over the past couple of years, it might be news that I spent the preceding 15(ish) years as a Packaging Designer. 

My post-graduation career started at one of the largest packaging distributors in the country, TricorBraun, where I worked in the Design and Development Group. Designing packaging via labels, shrink sleeves, silkscreen, and even dabbling in the 3-D world of industrial design quickly turned into my passion. My years at TricorBraun introduced me to so many industries and their varied needs, desires and regulatory requirements. OTC, FDC, FDA, Nutrition Facts, Drug Facts…I learned it all and geeked out with knowing exactly what font size is required on a package of “this” dimension and in “that” industry.

After my career at TricorBraun, I moved on to becoming a Senior Package Designer at AB Brands out of Dallas, Texas. Over the next decade or so, I was able to hone my packaging and design skills as I conceptualized, developed and grew brands such as the well-known Dr. Teals, Cantu, a hair care line for all hair textures, and Bodycology, a fragrance, bath, and body product line.

I loved every second of it and flourished in this space. Even the late nights and tight deadlines paid off when I was able to see a product I designed on the shelves of a huge retailer like Target or Wal-Mart. It was all worth it.

That aside (and maybe more on that another time), the point is that I have been nerding out over the latest Dieline Awards which formally recognize the absolute best in consumer product packaging design worldwide.

Obviously, it is all gorgeous packaging design but, no matter what industry I’m designing for, the designs featured on The Dieline always are a source of inspiration and creativity for me. It always amazes me that a single box (or bottle or whatever it might be) can capture a brand so succinctly and beautifully. With limited real estate and a glance of the passerby, a single package has the ability to tell a massive brand story in seconds.

Think about the last time you were shopping and you did a double take on a product as you walked by. What was it about the product that caught your eye? Did the color break through the clutter on shelf, perhaps it had a sexy texture, or was it a sophisticated design in a sea of bland commodity products? The ability for a package to speak to its audience is so multifaceted and can be done on a budget. (Ok, that’s definitely a follow-up post!)

You can check out all of the Dieline Award winners here, but just wanted to highlight a couple of my favorites from this year’s awards that I hope will inspire:


When you want your food to smell as good as it looks. Wait, what? Harvey Nichols food packaging looks like that eau de parfum that smells so good I can’t afford it. I love how this elevates an edible product to a giftable status. I sure would love to gift or receive these shortbread cookies.

Photo Credit: Dieline.com
Photo Credit: Dieline.com

Don’t be fooled by the elegant simplicity of the graphics, this package is intricate, functional, and interactive with purpose. I love how the structure further tells the story of the product. The flowers from which this honey is derived are only in bloom a couple short weeks a year and the insert within this package blossoms open like a flower, delicately cradling the elite honey that sits inside.

Photo Credit: Dieline.com
Photo Credit: Dieline.com

For more about the 2019 Dieline Awards, be sure to check out dielineawards.com.

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