Colorado Ad Day: Preview

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There are many things that I look forward to each year—my birthday, Tia & Taylor’s birthday, National Margarita Day, and NOW, Colorado Ad Day.

Colorado Ad Day is an all-day celebration (9AM-4PM on June 13, 2019) of design, marketing and advertising that is put on by the Colorado Ad Club in Boulder, CO. This is the fourth year and, just like the last three, you can bet it will feature a diverse array of speakers and sessions that will leave you feeling inspired, informed, and ready to take on the world. 

It’s held at The SEEC Building on the CU Boulder Campus and will include sessions that cover:

  • Transformative Storytelling
  • The Future of Advertising Agencies
  • Building an Internal Agency from the Inside Out
  • The Future of Experiential Marketing
  • Brand Building on Social Platforms
  • Channel Integration

It’s no secret that these sessions will provide valuable insights into the latest trends, new perspectives and what the future of advertising may hold for a budding agency like ours. Not only will we be immersed in a day full of knowledge and networking, breakfast, lunch and Happy Hour are included.

It’s a marketer’s playground and Jackie and I both believe it’s important to continue our education in marketing—after all, marketing is a large part of what we do. It can be an absolute cat fight to get tickets though and it can sell out quickly.

Luckily, Jackie and I were able to scratch and claw to secure our tickets early. One of the big initiatives for McGrath + McKenna is to always grow and continually learn—personally, professionally, and as a business. A perk of owning our business is deciding how to pursue that goal and Colorado Ad Day allows us to remain focused on our overall growth as a company.

If you’re interesting in attending Colorado Ad Day (and we strongly recommend that you do) visit:

An all-day pass for a non-Ad Club member runs at $99, a steal for an event like this.

If you aren’t able to attend, be sure to check back because we’ll be writing a follow-up blog post on our learnings and experiences in a few weeks! We’ll divulge all we can.

But, of course, we hope to see you there—this event will be hard to beat!

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